Summer Health Habits
Jul 20, 2023
Summer is the perfect time to pick up new healthy habits. With longer days and warmer weather, we have plenty of opportunities to get out and try new things. Unfortunately, summer also comes with its health complaints, but establishing healthy habits will help you enjoy the season more and help you find new passions.
The Functional Chocolate Company Blog: 4 Ideas to Promote Professional Wellness
Jun 22, 2023
June 1st marks the beginning of Employee Wellness Month. Recognized across the United States, it allows companies and organizations to evaluate their current employee wellness programs and update them to include a more holistic approach to helping their employees thrive.
Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help with Pain - Blog By The Functional Chocolate Company
Jun 08, 2023
Dark chocolate is an antioxidant-packed food source that is known by many for its mood-enhancing properties, but did you know it is also associated with pain relief?
Dark Chocolate for Mental Health - The Functional Chocolate Company
Apr 03, 2023
In this article, we focus on some of the surprising ways dark chocolate may be good for your mental health.
The Functional Chocolate Company Highlights National Sleep Week with Sleep Tips and Sleepy Chocolate
Mar 13, 2023
Because many adults struggle to sleep well, it is especially important to promote healthy sleep habits on National Sleep Awareness Week 2023. See how Sleepy Chocolate can help!
The Functional Chocolate Company Shares Tip for Winter Wellness
Jan 12, 2023
You don’t have to suffer through your winter time aches and pains! Taking care of yourself and planning ahead – with some extra support from functional chocolate – will go a long way in helping you avoid common health complaints during the chilly months ahead.