4 Ideas to Promote Professional Wellness

June 1st marks the beginning of Employee Wellness Month. Recognized across the United States, it allows companies and organizations to evaluate their current employee wellness programs and update them to include a more holistic approach to helping their employees thrive.

This article discussed the meaning of professional wellness, how employers can promote it, and fun ideas to get employees engaged with wellness programs. 

What Is Professional Wellness?

Our place of work plays a significant role in our lives, and our feelings towards it may impact our lives positively or negatively.

Professional wellness is a system of support that promotes physical, mental, and social well-being in the workplace. When employers promote professional wellness, they help employees find personal satisfaction in their work. Ultimately, this allows the company to run more efficiently and boosts productivity.

But what can company leaders do to encourage employees to engage with wellness initiatives?

From self-care practices to improving company culture, there are several ways employers can create a workplace that naturally fosters employee wellness.  

How Can Employers Promote Wellness for Their Employees?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, these four tips can help you and your colleagues experience a more enjoyable work environment. 

Provide Access to Healthy Snacking Options

Good nourishment is an essential part of being a productive, happy person. It is necessary for workers to take ample breaks throughout the day to consume foods that keep their mind and body fueled.

Sprinting across the street to grab fast food or scarfing a sandwich down at the desk is not a good way for anyone to maintain their energy level throughout the day. However, slowing down and eating mindfully will go a long way in boosting satisfaction and productivity.

Encourage healthy eating habits at work with the following:

  • Stock the breakroom with healthy snacks and drinks for all to enjoy.
  • Make it a company norm for everyone to take a complete lunch break.
  • Install water bottle filling stations to encourage good hydration.
  • Provide healthy, fresh meal options at meetings and retreats.

Not only will your colleagues thank you for providing delicious options and ample time to eat, but it will also improve your bottom line when you have nourished, happy employees.

Make Mental Health a Priority

Good stress management is an essential skill for workers to have in their toolbelts.

Nothing will sabotage a person’s ability to do their job like unresolved stress. When stress isn’t handled in a healthy way, it can lead to increased illness, depression, and added tension among coworkers. Therefore, companies must prioritize good mental health habits and support in the workplace to curb the negative impact stress can have on their employees.

Some ways to promote mental health at work include the following:

  • Normalize mental health days as a part of your PTO program
  • Offer shared reading opportunities where employees read and discuss books about stress management and mindfulness. 
  • Offer weekly yoga and meditation classes at the office.
  • Set out fidget toys and adult coloring books for mental breaks.

The mindfulness techniques your employees learn, and the support they feel will go a long way in supporting their wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Destigmatize Personal Hygiene Products

For menstruating people, having access to an array of personal hygiene products can be a game changer. Stock employee restrooms with various products so employees may discreetly take care of their individual needs before and during menstruation.

Letting all employees know where to locate these products is an inclusive way to ensure all who need these products have both access and privacy.

Connect and Have Fun!

In today’s tech-savvy society, it can be easy to isolate from each other. But face-to-face interaction is an essential component of wellness in humans. While you may not be into hosting regular mixers, there are plenty of fun ways to encourage healthy team interactions.

Some social activities that promote connection include the following:

  • Use employee feedback to create a fun field trip or retreat (rafting, bowling, hiking, ice skating, etc.) Make it a regular thing.
  • Create shared workspaces where employees can collaborate. 
  • Provide opportunities for employees to share more about themselves with the team (employee spotlight articles and conversation starters at meetings).
  • Talk to your coworkers and get to know them!

The more connected a work team feels, the more prepared they will be to show up for each other in times of need. 

Include Functional Chocolate for Employee Wellness

Functional Chocolate can help your employees address a variety of health realities in the form of a delicious chocolate bar.

Our Energy Bar is great for escaping a stubborn afternoon slump, while our Carefree Bar delivers soothing botanicals that help fight off stress and anxiety. Keep a few bars in the breakroom and provide your employees with a functional treat.