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  • The Functional Chocolate Company discusses tips, tricks and best practices for working or studying from home.

    Working or studying from home has countless pros and cons. For better or for worse, it is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

  • The Functional Chocolate Company discusses how to store and care for chocolate, whether you are planning to eat it tomorrow or in a year.

    With a chocolate subscription, there’s no need to store large amounts of chocolate for long periods. However, if you end up with more chocolate than you can eat promptly, how should you care for and store your sweet treats?

  • The Functional Chocolate Company discusses how to improve sleep with tips, tricks and vegan Sleepy Chocolate for Restful Sleep.

    We all have trouble sleeping sometimes, and many Americans have regular insomnia. There are many approaches to optimizing your sleep - both for falling asleep quickly, sleeping through the night and for waking up rested. We’ll share some of our favorite tips and tricks to get better sleep.

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  • Life Getting You Down? Have a Stress Relieving Organic Chocolate Bar
    Doesn’t it seem like stress is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week? It’s there every time you open a bill or at work when the boss calls you into the office. For many people, stress is part of everyday life, but drop the anxiety with a stress-relieving organic chocolate bar. You’re probably asking yourself that organic chocolate for stress relief i...
  • The Functional Chocolate Company Brainy Chocolate for Focus & Productivity
    As we emerge from this unusual year and return to a sense of normalcy, the  challenges of balancing work or studies with outside responsibilities and passions are more difficult than ever before.
  • What Causes Low Libido and How Can Our Vegan Chocolate Help?
    It is not uncommon to lose your sexual desire from time to time. A decreased interest in sexual activity can affect both men and women. However, it affects women differently from men, as women often experience symptoms that are associated with hormonal and life changes. But what causes low libido? And can vegan chocolate help? We set out on a mission to a...
  • How does chocolate relieve anxiety? Learn more and order Carefree Chocolate from The Functional Chocolate Company.
    People  always look for natural treatments to fight stress and anxiety. Medications can be costly and often come with harsh side effects  but there is an easy way to unwind that is quick and safe. Eat a Carefree Chocolate bar. We pack the dark chocolate in this bar with ingredients that support the treatment of anxiety and stress.  What do Studies and Res...
  • Learn 7 of the benefits of chocolate by The Functional Chocolate Company
    Chocolate has been studied for many years to understand and extract its health benefits. Made from the seed of the cacao tree, dark chocolate is loaded with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Cocoa contains more phenolic antioxidants than most foods and contains vitamins, minerals, lipids, and fiber.  It has been linked to increased mood, reduced stress...
  • Chocolate Bars with Menopause in Mind
    Women in all stages of life crave chocolate bars. Those in their menopausal years could benefit from a little added boost in their chocolate that can help to reduce their symptoms.  When you think of food as something you eat to support your health, you want to eat the ingredients that your body needs. Dr. Sara Gottfried, the author of The Hormone Cure, i...
  • Chocolate Bars for Alert Relaxation and a Healthy Lifestyle
    What is Alert Relaxation? An “alert state of relaxation” is when your mind is clear and focused, and your body is calm. This is the optimal state of being, especially when you are going through tough times. Even Wikipedia agrees that there are not many drawbacks to relaxation. “Being relaxed can do positive things for someone's health from just elevating ...
  • natural stress anxiety relief functional chocolate company
    While stress and anxiety will inevitably arise in everyday life, there are plenty of easy ways to reduce their effects. What will you do today to make your life better?
  • A Primer on Functional Foods

    What are functional foods? And why are we so passionate about them?

    The FDA does not formally define “functional foods”. However, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explain functional foods as “whole foods along with fortified,...