• Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help with Pain - Blog By The Functional Chocolate Company

    Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help With Pain

    Dark chocolate is an antioxidant-packed food source that is known by many for its mood-enhancing properties, but did you know it is also associated with pain relief?
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    Turn Up the Heat: Botanicals for Low Libido

    Sexy Chocolate is a tasty way to liberate your sex drive naturally. The smooth flavor of champagne and berries is just the gateway to releasing inhibitions and getting into the mood.
  • Choose from the healthiest chocolate bars on the market

    Healthiest Chocolate Bars on the Market

    The healthiest chocolate bars boast a variety of feel-good perks from ethically sourced chocolate to chocolates fortified with superfood nutrients. If you are looking for a guilt free treat that packs some healthy benefits, read on for the healthiest chocolate bars on the market.
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    How to Navigate Diet and Health Trends for 2022

    Diet culture penetrates almost every piece of media we consume. However, other trends are emerging that challenge run of the mill crash diets and embrace a body positive outlook.
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    Top Five Resolutions for 2022

    Our top 5 resolution ideas focus on establishing healthy habits that become part of your day-to-day life.
  • Why Can’t I Sleep? Common Causes of Insomnia

    Why Can’t I Sleep? Common Causes of Insomnia

    We all know the feeling -- You are laying in bed, the night before a big event and you can’t seem to relax enough to nod off.