Turn Up the Heat: Botanicals for Low Libido

While the summer heat is blistering, it may not be as mind melting in the bedroom for some couples. Many have turned to natural remedies, including botanicals, for low libido. 

There are natural ways to boost low libido that are safe and cost effective. From overall health and wellness practices to natural herbs and botanicals, we breakdown some of the natural ways you can turn up the heat between the sheets.

Natural Ways to Boost Libido

An article published by Harvard Health outlined natural sex tips that bypass over the counter drugs to increase quality of one’s sex life. An added bonus, these tips may also increase the quality of overall health as well. 

  • Exercise- It’s no secret that having good blood flow is an essential part of having good sex. A study found that regular, vigorous exercise decreased erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 50 by 30 percent. Both men and women can also benefit from increased stamina and energy as a result of regular exercise. Not to mention the feel-good chemicals your brain produces with a good workout.
  • Healthy Diet- Eating a balanced diet of nutrient rich foods is good for both your body and your sex life. In particular, those who don’t absorb vitamin B12 well may experience a decrease in sensation. Foods that are rich in B12 include: clams, salmon, fortified cereal, and yogurt.
  • Maintain Weight- Similar to the benefits of exercise, maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in sustaining a healthy sex drive. Excess body fat can disrupt hormone levels and vascular health which both correlate to sex drive.  
  • Botanicals- Some botanical that have shown a correlation to increased sex drive include: maca, ashwaganda, cocao, and tribulus. 

Do Natural Libido Supplements Work?

Aphrodisiacs and adaptogens assist libidio by helping increase sexual desire and reduce stress levels. While results vary between individuals, there are herbal remedies that may increase sexual desire.

Nitric acid is a chemical found in the body that signals for blood vessels to dilate. Consuming foods and herbs that are high in nitrates may help the body produce nitric acid. The increase of blood flow may also contribute to heightened sex drive.  

Botanicals for Increased Libido

Maca- This root hails from the Andes and has been used for libido and fertility. Modern research shows that Maca may assist in increasing arousal and healthy hormone production.

Tribulus- This plant originated in the Mediterranean and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Studies have looked into its ability to possibly stimulate arousal with positive results. It has been marketed as increasing testosterone.  

Cacao- Used by indegineous cultures for centuries, cacao has been used in reference to increased desire though there have not been extensive studies.

Better Sex With Chocolate

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