Personal Care For Music Festival Season: Stay Energized With Botanicals

Summer ushers in a time of celebration, good vibes, and stellar music. Stay on top of your personal care and get the most out of your summer music festivals with help from botanicals delivered to you in a tasty treat that will get your taste buds grooving right along with your booty. 

The Popularity of Festival Season

Prior to the global pandemic, music festivals were drawing in millions of fans worldwide. One poll found that 40% of US citizens between the ages of 20-29 were willing to travel outside of the country to attend a music festival. One third of millennials said that music was the determining factor when choosing where to vacation.

While festivals screeched to a halt in 2020, they have been regaining momentum as the top reason for travel among millennials. With vaccinations becoming available and Covid hospitalizations on the decline, concert goers are eager to get back into the festival scene and experience their favorite musicians live.  

Health Risks at Music Festivals

Music festivals are about having fun and letting loose. Keep these risks in mind and make the most out of the experience!

  • Heat and dehydration- While drug and alcohol use is a big factor in injuries and illness that occurs at music festivals, excessive heat and dehydration can cause great harm. Poor hydration mixed with dancing in the sun may lead to low levels of electrolytes which regulate heart rate. 
  • Fatigue- Lack of rest and excessive time in the sun zap energy levels and decrease self awareness. This may lead to more injuries due to slips and falls.
  • Poor decision making- It may be easier to become caught up in the moment and make riskier choices and interact with others in a way you normally wouldn’t. 
  • Access to first aid- When in a large crowd, it may become more difficult to access personnel and materials to address injuries and illness.

  • How To Take Care of Yourself and Have Fun

    Once you know the health risks associated with outdoor festivals, follow these simple steps to help you stay healthy and safe.

  • Plan ahead- Plan ahead with your group on things like communication, meeting location, safety plan, and exit strategy. 
  • Bring electrolytes- Pack single use packages of your favorite electrolyte drink mix to pop into your water bottle throughout the day. 
  • Pack a cooler- If the festival you are attending allows outside food and beverages, pack a medium cooler with snacks and drinks to save money and keep your crew from crashing.
  • First aid essentials- Toss a first aid kit in your pack in case of minor injuries.
  • Promote positive vibes with botanicals- botanicals are a natural way to elevate mood without a bad hangover.

  • The Best Botanicals to Balance Your Mood and Energy

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