Our Story: How A Father’s Love Built the Foundation for Functional Chocolate

Chris Peruzzi knew a lot about natural products and wellness having worked in the industry since the early 90’s. However, as a single dad, he had little experience with the inevitable reality that was his teen daughter’s coming of age. Fortunately for Chris, he had a few tools in his belt to help his daughter feel more comfortable, and what he created ignited a path that would allow him to help countless others.

The Hug That Sparked A Movement

When he saw his daughter struggling with her PMS symptoms, Chris used his background knowledge in product development and botanicals to create something unique. Knowing she would not be cool with swallowing a pill or choking down bitter tea, Chris decided to give his daughter a treat. 

Using dark chocolate as a carrier, he delivered her a blend of  botanicals – including ginger, the clinically researched ingredient SaffSerene, which is a standardized extract from saffron flowers, along with a host of other supporting powerful herbs. This combination helped settle her tummy and ease the unpredictable mood swings. Thus, Rhythm Chocolate was born. 

Receiving the biggest hug from his daughter after feeling relief from her PMS symptoms would have been enough for Chris, but he knew he was onto something special. There were other health realities he could address.

Chocolate For Everyday Health Realities

Chris went on to tackle the stress and anxiety symptoms that had plagued his son. In the same tasty form he used for his daughter, Chris combined botanicals, minerals, L-Theanine and the registered ingredient Pharma Gaba into a tasty chocolate treat. This treat was created to simply melt away stress into a state of relaxation – without drowsiness or the unwanted side effects of prescription medications. This was the start of Carefree Chocolate.

From there, Chris went on to formulate chocolate bars that addressed a variety of health realities from menopause to sleep. All of these came in the form of a delectable dark chocolate bar in a variety of exciting flavors.

Why Chocolate Is The Best Delivery Method

While the initial inspiration to use chocolate as a carrier was to entice his children, Chris soon realized that it was the ultimate delivery method for naturaceuticals. Packed with flavanols, minerals and antioxidants, chocolate had the superfood ability to provide its own health benefits while also delivering soothing botanicals in a yummy package. 

Not only that, the naturally occurring healthy fats in dark chocolate actually optimized bioavailability in Functional Chocolate’s condition specific blends. 

“With our proprietary formulas of powerful, and clinically researched ingredients, chocolate now does more than ever before.” That’s a win for your taste buds and a win in battling everyday health realities!

Inclusive Products

Chris also wanted to ensure that the product he created was accessible to as many people as possible. All products are naturally vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, low-glycemic, sodium- and cholesterol- free.

Just as he poured his love into helping his own children grow, Chris has given the same energy to helping others enjoy the benefits of Functional Chocolate. Through “We are constantly working to bring to life a pipeline of new,  safe, effective, and decadent creations that make everyday health realities a little easier, and a little sweeter, for all of our families, so that we can all experience that hug of gratitude.”

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