Three Ways Dark Chocolate Benefits Your Skin

Dark chocolate is the most delicious superfood to grace your pantry.

Unlike its more caloric counterparts, white and milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains various health-boosting components. Many of which may promote healthier skin and hair.

So, if you are looking forward to some fun in the sun this summer, consider adding dark chocolate to your skin protection arsenal. 

Dark Chocolate is Full of Antioxidants 

Dark chocolate is known to have higher levels of antioxidants. These chemicals are shown to protect against cell damage and free radicals, which is great for your skin, which is constantly bombarded with skin-damaging chemicals and sun exposure. In fact, many skincare products contain antioxidants, like vitamin C, because of their anti-aging properties.

Examples of antioxidants include the following:

  • Vitamins A, C, and E
  • Selenium 
  • Zinc 
  • Flavonoids 

It Helps Fight Sun Damage

Flavonoids are the star of the show regarding the antioxidants found in dark chocolate.

The flavonols found in dark chocolate may help the skin when applied topically or when ingested. Raw cocoa can even be applied topically to reduce redness and blemishes. A study that focused on the effects of high-antioxidant cocoa products on photo-aging of the skin in women found that dark chocolate positively impacted moderately photo-aged women when ingested in moderation.

Another study found that flavanol containing dark chocolate increased blood flow to skin tissue and boosted skin thickness while reducing scaling and roughness.

While dark chocolate won’t replace the protection of a high-quality, mineral-based sunscreen, it may be a tasty way to fight against skin damage from the inside out.

Dark Chocolate is Nutrient Dense

In addition to damage-reversing antioxidants, dark chocolate contains soluble fiber, magnesium, iron, and potassium. All of these combine to create a superfood that is healthy for more than just your skin.

Dark chocolate also boasts healthy fats like oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. It also contains less sugar, making it a better option than other sugary chocolate treats.

Choosing ethically sourced dark chocolate provides the added benefit of consuming chocolate that is also better for the planet. 

Other Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

In addition to its healthy skin benefits, dark chocolate can help with many other health realities. Some of the health issues dark chocolate has been shown to help include the following.

Low libido – Dark chocolate is known to increase dopamine. This naturally occurring chemical found in the brain is responsible for feeling pleasure. L-arginine is another amino acid found in dark chocolate, and it is known as a natural aphrodisiac.

Poor energy and focus – Because flavonoids from cocoa increase blood flow, they may also help increase brain function.

Pain – Magnesium is shown to relax muscles. As a rich source of magnesium, dark chocolate may assist in reducing pain associated with muscle cramping.

PMS and menopause symptoms – Dark chocolate has been shown to increase serotonin, which may assist with depression and mood swings during menstruation and menopause.

Chocolate That Loves You Back

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