Ethically Sourced Chocolate: Why It Matters

What do you look for when you shop for a chocolate bar? Is it the perfect balance of dark cocoa and creaminess? How about a chocolate that is ethically sourced?

While it may not seem like the most important quality to look for initially, buying ethically sourced chocolate is just as important as flavor and quality. When chocolate brands advertise as ethically or fair trade sourced, this shows that their product was created using only sustainable and ethical practices. 

What Is Ethical Sourcing?

Ethical sourcing is a sustainable approach to supply chain management. In other words, it focuses on human rights, environmental stability, and social responsibility. 

Global demand for ethically sourced products has greatly increased over the past decade. Increased awareness of the cost of production on communities has made consumers more conscious in purchasing items that can show concern for the ethical treatment of people and the environment. 

Ethical Sourcing seeks to:

  • Tackle child-labor
  • End deforestation 
  • Support environmental sustainability 
  • Improve wages and living standards for farmers

How Is Chocolate Ethically Sourced?

Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, can only grow in tropical climates. The regions that produce the majority of the world’s cacao rely heavily on the revenue brought by exporting cacao to wealthy consumer countries. The reality for farmers is most often a life of extreme poverty.

When chocolate is ethically sourced, the company is working toward fair pricing that provides a more sustainable way of life for farmers and their communities. This, inturn, combats child labor abuses and environmental destruction.

What To Buy and What Not To Buy

If you aren’t sure what to look for in an ethically sourced brand, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Look for:

  • Vegan dark chocolate- vegan chocolate brands are often more attentive to the sourcing of their ingredients, as vegan chocolate is considered a specialty.
  • Company/farmer relationship- companies that work closely with farmers to ensure fair pricing and equitable profits.


  • Palm oil- chocolates that have fillers often use palm oil. 
  • Cheap chocolate- quality ingredients and fair pricing are not conducive to many major brands.

Ethical Chocolate Companies

Among the top rated chocolate companies, they all have a few things in common. Ethical Consumer named brands that were organic, partnered with co-ops, and who offered vegan options as the best choices for consumers. These brands included: Mia. Ombar, Moo Free, and Lindt, to name a few.

Committing to ethical practices in sourcing ingredients and the fair treatment of farming communities make the consumption of ethically sourced chocolate an important choice to make for the betterment of our planet.

Our ethically sourced chocolate comes from a co-op of small farmers across South America. We expertly pair each condition specific formulation with a curated flavor profile, incorporating premium ingredients from around the world - saffron from Turkey, acai berries from Brazil and natural flavorings developed right here in the US. We are committed to supply chain transparency and accountability. 

Functional Chocolate bars are made with Dark Chocolate (60% cacao) that offers the best of both worlds - less fat, less sugar and more flavor. Crafted in Idaho from raw consciously sourced cacao, these bars are 100% plant based, vegan & gluten-free.

Order any of our decadent chocolates and rest assured that you are indulging in a product that is ethically sourced with our planet in mind.

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