MakeLoveNotPorn and Sexy Chocolate: A match made in Libido Liberation heaven?

#LibidoLiberation is not just a clever marketing tag, it has the potential to ignite a whole movement. However, any sex-positive product or service faces challenges trying to reach an audience online. That’s exactly why we reached out to Cindy Gallop and MakeLoveNotPorn who are responsible for creating the #SocialSexRevolution. 

Sex products and services are finding clever ways to work together and lift one another up amidst the challenges of continuously being flagged and removed for discussing terms such as #sexy #pleasure #masturbation #libido #porn and #sex. (Will this post be flagged? Let’s see!) 

It’s hardly surprising that the one act that brings us all into this world is still so taboo, but there are an overwhelming number of brands emerging with the same mission - to uplift the ever-present healthy, fun and positive side of sex. To Liberate Sex.  

In our case, liberating libido with our Sexy ChocolateTM; a vegan chocolate bar that creatively combines botanicals and nutraceuticals to naturally boost Libido. And in the case for MLNP; liberating Sextech and building a safe online community of pro-sex, pro-porn creators and supporters – a revolutionary model for the future of social sex. By teaming up to educate our respective audiences we are showing the world that women-ran, sex-positive companies can work together to guide our culture into a more accepting, safer and more positive future.  

The Functional Chocolate Company is excited to announce our partnership with MLNP and provide our followers with free video rentals to go along with your Sexy ChocolateTM. Fans of the Functional Chocolate Company can enjoy a free rental of one #socialsex video on - pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference. Join for free at then email with the subject "Make Sexy Chocolate Love" to redeem. 

Their members say #MakeLoveNotPornstar videos have changed their lives 😋