5 Health Tips To Get The Most Out of Spring

As the temperature starts to climb and the sun sets later, we anticipate the arrival of summer and the good time it brings. However, there are several health issues that can put a damper on your springtime festivities. 

This article discusses common health issues that arise in spring and healthy habits you can start today. From getting better sleep to dealing with painful injuries, Functional Chocolate Company will help you out of hibernation mode to get some spring back in your step.

Common Health Issues in Spring

The time for barbecues and outdoor fun is almost here, and we’re ready! After long winter months, rife with their own health issues, you are probably excited for the warm months too. But, you may not be as enthusiastic about some of these common health issues associated with the warmer outside temps. 

Spring Allergies 

One of the most significant health complaints during the spring and summer months is seasonal allergies. As the plant life around you wakes up, so do your sinuses. From itchy, watery eyes to pesky nasal drip and worse, allergies can put a damper on your day-to-day ability to function. 

However, if you plan for your allergies and start deploying remedies leading up to the time you typically begin experiencing symptoms, you may lessen the severity of your symptoms. 

Injuries and Muscle Strain

Pickup frisbee and soccer games, spring cleaning, and yard work, all these activities are synonyms with spring. They are also the root of many injuries and aches and pains. 

After months of being cooped up, getting outside or tidying up your space is exciting. But you may regret it later if you jump right in and don’t listen to your body. Stretching and warming up is always a good idea to prevent injury and tired muscles. 

Poor Sleep

The longer days may throw your sleeping patterns out of whack. Sleep is essential to your overall health, so ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


Whether you are a student preparing for finals or a busy parent balancing work and family, springtime can bring about some extra stress and overwhelm. 

Once the snow melts, you lose your winter cloak of excuses to stay inside and avoid social activities. A packed calendar can be a great source of stress, so you want to be mindful of prioritizing time for yourself with all the other stuff that comes along with the end of the school year. 

Skin Irritation

Pesky bugs, intense sunlight, and increasing greenery can make your skin itchy and irritated. 

As you start doing more activities outside, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to protect your skin from becoming irritated and inflamed. Apply quality sunscreen, insect repellant, and protective clothing before you leave the house for the best level of defense.  

Better Spring Health Habits to Start Today

While none of the health issues associated with springtime are fun, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season to the fullest. 

Use these strategies to avoid some of the worst symptoms of spring health issues while enjoying all the nice weather offers. 

Get Outside and Play 

Exercise and time outside are great ways to deal with stress and manage your mental health. After winter's dark, cold months, spring is a great time to revitalize your routine and pick up some healthy activities. Look for local hiking groups or recreational games if you need a group to keep you motivated.

Take Care of Necessary Tasks

While it doesn’t sound as fun as playing outside, staying on top of your to-do list will keep you focused and less overwhelmed. 

Students need help maintaining focus in the spring, and the added pressure of finals can make some procrastinate. Parents also feed off their kids' stress and have more difficulty staying on top of errands and payments. In either case, procrastination doesn’t help anyone. 

Break your tasks into manageable chunks and keep a list you can check items off as you go. The sense of accomplishment will give you a little endorphin boost and motivate you to check things off.

Prioritize Sleep

The time change and longer daylight hours can do a number on your sleep schedule. As a result, you could see your health impacted in other areas due to the lack of sleep.

Try to stick with a consistent bedtime and avoid excessive screen exposure before you go to sleep. It is also helpful to avoid large meals and alcohol with 2 hours of bedtime. Nibble on a few squares of Sleepy Chocolate for dessert and fall asleep easier.

Prevent Injuries

While exercise is a great way to prevent stress, it can leave you achy and sore. The best way to avoid injury is to listen to your body and know your limits. You should also take time to stretch and warm up. 

Ice packs and botanically enhanced Pain Free Chocolate make a great pair post-workout if pain still flares up. 

Stay Hydrated

This should go without explanation, but it’s hotter and drier the closer it gets to summer. Pair that with increased activity and celebratory beverages, and you have the perfect recipe for dehydration. The average adult needs 64 ounces of water daily, but that may increase depending on your activity level and climate. 

Protect Your Skin

As we mentioned above, you should apply all the necessary protection for your skin before leaving your house and reapply as necessary. If you get a bug bite or sunburn, keep your skin clean and apply topical remedies to soothe itching and irritation.

Mental Health First Aid

Be proactive in how you address your mental health during spring. It’s ok to say no to events that aren’t necessary if you are already feeling overwhelmed and need to destress. Pay attention to sleep habits, exercise routine, and alcohol intake. 

Functional Chocolate for Springtime Woes

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