The Best Ways To Prepare For Finals

As the academic year draws to a close, students feel a mix of emotions ranging from elation to anxiety. Final exams can induce stress in any student, even the most confident. However, there are ways to prepare for finals that help ease test anxiety and improve focus. 


Good Study Habits

Good study habits are the most proactive way to prepare for exams. In other words, don’t wait until the last minute to start begging friends for their notes to cramp the night before a final. Some good study habits to consider developing are:

  • Study groups- studying in a group with others will help hold you accountable and provide camaraderie. Working as a group to help eachother do well is a great way to feel connected to others and make studying more enjoyable.
  • Review frequently- Repetition and practice are the best ways to solidify new knowledge. Studying on a regular basis makes a steady habit that will help you retain more information.
  • Set study goals- Setting a goal or objective for each study session will keep your session focused and efficient. Concentrate on a specific chapter or concept and focus on quality not quantity. 

Ease Stress Before Finals

Test anxiety can make it hard to stay focused during an exam and it can affect students of any age.  This form of anxiety affects between 10% and 40% of students. The symptoms can vary among emotional and physical issues. In more serious instances it can lead to panic attacks. 

Preparing for exams with anxiety in mind, may help students perform better. People who are prone to anxiety could practice breathing techniques and visualization as a part of their study routine. Adequate sleep and exercise may also help ease the general feeling of anxiety built up around exam time.

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Get Pre-Test Rest

College students need between 7 and 10 hours of sleep per night While the typical college students may not get this amount on a regular night, it’s even worse during finals. While it may be tempting to hit up a party, or cram all night for a test, it’s best to avoid these scenarios if you want your brain to function its best. In fact, studies show that students who sleep more do better on exams than students who cram late into the night. 

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Sharpen Your Focus 

Once you have your study habits dialed in and your stress and sleep under control, you need to sharpen your focus for the exam. 

One easy way to do this include eating a healthy breakfast with protein and complex carbs. The combo will give you steady energy to get you through the morning. Keeping a snack and water handy for breaks between exams will keep you steady throughout the day.

Mindfulness can be used to sharpen your focus as well as reduce anxiety. Keeping pen and paper with you to jot down distracting thoughts helps you clear your mind so you can get back to focusing on what is in front of you. Observing your thoughts in a non-judgmental perspective will prevent you from feeling agitated and shut down.

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