• Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help with Pain - Blog By The Functional Chocolate Company

    Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help With Pain

    Dark chocolate is an antioxidant-packed food source that is known by many for its mood-enhancing properties, but did you know it is also associated with pain relief?
  • 6 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Valentine’s Day (Even If You Aren’t Single)

    6 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Valentine’s Day (Even If You Aren’t Single)

    In this post we cover the importance of self-love, how to practice it, and how Functional Chocolate can help you show yourself some TLC. Psst… You don’t have to be single to reap the benefits of self-love.
  • The Functional Chocolate Company Provides Ideas for Unique Holiday Gifts

    Unique Holiday Gifts for Everyone In Your Life

    Whether you are hitting the party circuit or keeping it low key this holiday season, chances are you want to come up with some quality gift ideas for all the people in your life. Unique holiday gifts are a fun way to say ‘thanks’ to the people you care about without having to spend a lot of money.
  • Functional Chocolate is loaded with Botanicals for Libido, Intimacy & Female Empowerment

    Turn Up the Heat: Botanicals for Low Libido

    Sexy Chocolate is a tasty way to liberate your sex drive naturally. The smooth flavor of champagne and berries is just the gateway to releasing inhibitions and getting into the mood.
  • The Functional Chocolate Company discusses boosting libido with Sexy Chocolate, vegan chocolate, dark chocolate.

    Chocolate for Libido: Spice Up Your Love Life

    We all experience different levels of sexual desire at various stages in our lives and waning libido is not uncommon for either sex. It is important to have an open line of communication with your partner about your sexual health.