Unique Holiday Gifts for Everyone In Your Life

Whether you are hitting the party circuit or keeping it low key this holiday season, chances are you want to come up with some quality gift ideas for all the people in your life. Unique holiday gifts are a fun way to say ‘thanks’ to the people you care about without having to spend a lot of money.

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Gifts for the Host/Hostess

There’s a lot that goes into being a great host/hostess – from the planning and the prepping, to simply keeping it together when things go awry. It is only appropriate that you thank the person throwing a holiday gathering with a small token of appreciation. Gifts that are connected to self-care and relaxation are a fantastic way to say ‘thank you’, and give the gift of rest and relaxation to the hardworking host.

Some unique holiday gifts for the host/hostess include:

  • Calm Lighting- Soy wax candles make a great addition to any tablescape. Plus, the soft lighting and sweet aroma have a calming effect that any host can enjoy.
  • A relaxing pedicure- After long hours of prepping and entertaining, gifting the host a nice pedicure at a local spa is a much needed opportunity for them to enjoy some pampering after the festivities are done.
  • Book and assorted tea- Entertaining a houseful of folks can be very draining. If your host is a bookworm, they may appreciate a new book and some tea to curl up with.
  • Painfree Holiday Pack- The ultimate self-care package for all the aches and pains that come along with hosting a great party. Our Painfree Holiday Pack, includes: 2 Painfree Chocolates, 2 Carefree Chocolates, 1 Sleepy Chocolate, and 1 Energy Chocolate.

Gifts for the Holiday Grouch

Not everyone is super excited for the holiday season. Holiday stress is a very real thing and it is likely to affect many people in your life. If you have a friend or family member who tends to feel extra stress during this time of year, look for gifts that they can enjoy without all the bells and whistles that can lead to more anxiety.

Some unique gifts for your loved ones with holiday anxiety could be:

  • An activity they love- If they aren’t into the holiday as it is, don’t push traditional gifts. Instead, gift them with a day of doing their favorite activity. This might include a round of golf or lunch at their favorite spot.
  • Puzzle or brain teaser- Activities like puzzles and brain teasers are a great way to cope with anxiety while getting some enjoyment out of it. Brain teasers are also great for a long plane ride home if they have to travel.
  • Trusty Traveler Pack- Great for the anxious traveler, the Trusty Traveler Pack includes: 2 Carefree Chocolates, 2 Sleepy Chocolates, and 2 Energy Chocolates.

Gifts for the Workaholic

American workers put in at least 400 more hours of work in a year than their European counterparts. Many workers churn out even more hours leading up to the holidays. Being able to rest and re-energize is important in order to maintain longevity and health. Gifting the hard workers in your life should focus on helping them do just that.

Some unique gifts for a workaholic may include:

  • Gym punch pass- Maintaining an exercise routine is essential to maintaining overall health, especially if you want to prevent exhaustion and burnout at work. Gifting someone a punch pass to a new class or gym may be a great way to support their well being. Just make sure it is something they actually want to do before buying.
  • Painting class- Creative classes like jewelry making and painting are all the rage. Having a creative outlet is a great way to reduce work stress, as well as a fun way to bond with your loved one. 
  • Yoga mat- If your hard worker is also a Yogi, get them something nice to add to their practice. Yoga mats that come in a variety of patterns and colors are a fun way to brighten things up a bit.
  • Starter pack- Long hours at work can stir up a variety of health woes. Our Health Realities Starter Pack includes: 1 Brainy Chocolate, 1 Energy Chocolate, 1 Sleepy Chocolate, and 1 Carefree Chocolate.

Gifts for Your Partner

There is a reason September has the highest birth rate of any month in the United States. Something about the holidays – and all the mistletoe – has an effect on our desire to cozy up and get warm. So, have a little holiday fun with your partner and get them a gift that will spice things up.

Here are some sexy gifts that will give your partner a reason to be happy:

  • Couples massage- Who doesn’t love an opportunity to get a little pampered with their partner? If massages aren’t your thing, go for a nice soak at a hot spring and take in the view before cuddling up at home.
  • Staycation- Gift your partner with tickets to a show and book a cute hotel. Pretend you are tourists and have fun with each other.
  • Pleasurable reading material- Have you been curious about trying new things? Explore the Kama Sutra with an illustrated guide (just open it away from the kids and family).
  • Sexy Kit- All of these gift ideas perfectly complement our Sexy Me Feel Good Kit! This mood boosting kit includes: 2 Sexy Chocolates, 2 Energy Chocolates, and 2 Carefree Chocolates. 

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