6 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Valentine’s Day (Even If You Aren’t Single)

Singles often feel down and out with all the hype around ‘love’ this time of year. But that really doesn’t have to be the case at all. In fact, many are starting to embrace the perks of being single, and indulging in the practice of self-love to boost their overall health and wellness.

One of the greatest benefits of being single is that it allows you time to focus on your own needs and wants while connecting with what matters most, you. What’s not to love about that?

In this post we cover the importance of self-love, how to practice it, and how Functional Chocolate can help you show yourself some TLC. Psst… You don’t have to be single to reap the benefits of self-love.

A New Generation of Love

Valentine’s Day is evolving into a celebration that embraces a more holistic celebration of the true meaning of “love”. While couples were the traditional focus of Valentine’s Day in generations past, we are starting to see a shift in our cultural priorities around love and what that looks like.

With celebrities, like Emma Watson, declaring their self-partnership, it is becoming more commonplace to embrace being single and focus on self-love over coupledom. For a generation that is starting to place emphasis on self care and personal well being, the act of self-love is becoming more widely embraced by couples and singles alike.

Why Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish

Taking care of ourselves first is a win-win for everyone, whether we are in a relationship or not. This is because it lowers our own levels of anxiety and stress, enabling us to have fuller relationships with those around us.

Think of the last time you were on an airplane listening to the safety spiel. What do they always say about the oxygen mask? Place one over your own face before helping someone else!

The same is true with life and love. If you aren’t loving yourself, it’s a lot harder to love someone else.

Tips to Help You Practice Self Love

In an article published by Forbes, holistic psychotherapist, Lucia Garcia-Giurgiu explains how self-love fosters a sense of well-being that strengthens our ‘internal locus of control’. Meaning, the sense of calm and safety we get when we take care of ourselves gives us the feeling of having more control over what happens in our lives. So, regardless of your relationship status, it is essential to practice self-love on a regular basis for your overall well being. Some simple ways to practice self-love include:

  • Plan an activity you are really excited about- Plan a day – or even just a few hours – for yourself and do something that you really love. Whether it’s attending a painting class, or going for a long ride on your bike, carve out some time to just enjoy being with yourself, doing what you enjoy most. Try doing this on a semi-regular basis and see how it improves your outlook.

  • Practice gratitude- Start a running list of everything you are grateful for each day. This will help you attract more of what makes you happy into your life, and it gives you a little surge of happiness.

  • Make a nutritious meal- Self-love starts from the inside and works its way outward. Preparing a delicious meal for yourself is a great way to love on yourself and show appreciation for your body and all it does for you.

  • Work up a sweat- Because, endorphins! And what better way is there to celebrate ‘Heart Day’ than taking care of your own ticker? Make sure it’s something you actually enjoy doing and schedule it into your weekly agenda. 

  • Soak away stress- Depending on your wallet and time frame, you could soak in a nice bubble bath or indulge in a trip to the spa or some therapeutic hot springs. Settle in and feel your stress and pain float away.

    • Treat yourself to something sweet and healthy- Chocolate is as synonymous to Valentine’s Day as a giant red heart. But skip over the sugary milk chocolate and grab the dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate boasts a number of health benefits and has less sugar.

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