The Best Ingredients For Self-Care: Why Vegan Chocolate Should Be Part of Your Regimen

People often forget about the importance of self-care. We live in a world filled with stress and anxiety where work often takes precedence over wellbeing. Without self-care, you’re opening yourself up to numerous health and emotional issues. Burnout is real and it happens to more aspects of your life than just work.

The benefits of self-care are many, so we created this to help you understand self-care, its importance and how vegan chocolate is an important part of it.

Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is more than taking time out. Self-care is taking care of yourself. Whether it’s putting more thought into your diet, sleep, or exercise routine, self-care is doing things with the intention of improving your wellbeing. Incorporating chocolate into your regimen pleases more than your tastebuds. Read on for ways dark chocolate helps you take better care of your physical and mental health.

Vegan Chocolate for Self-Care

Dark chocolate boasts a variety of health benefits, both mental and physical. That’s because it is loaded with healthy nutrients proven to have a positive impact on health. A post by One Green Planet discusses the benefits of dark chocolate, linking it to better heart health and mental well-being. Incorporating a vegan dark chocolate, such as those carefully crafted by The Functional Chocolate Company, in your self-care regimen  may help provide relief for common health issues.

  • Chocolate For PMS- While the “P” in PMS doesn’t stand for pain, women everywhere agree that their time of the month is far from pleasant. Self-care for PMS makes it more bearable.

  • Knowing your monthly rhythm is your first line of defense. As you approach your cycle be sure to practice good self-care to ease PMS symptoms. Get plenty of rest and exercise to assist with mood and energy. Up your water in-take and reduce your amounts of sodium and alcohol to cut back on bloating. Incorporate dark chocolate for its hormone balancing minerals -calcium, iron and copper.

    For dark chocolate with a boost, Rhythm Chocolate offers all the healthy benefits of dark chocolate plus a blend of botanicals, SaffSerene® and vitamins to promote balanced hormones.

  • Chocolate For Stress/Anxiety- Stress and anxiety have a negative impact on heart health. A journal published by the American Heart Association, Circulation, pointed to a study on how self-care interventions impact hospitalizations for heart failure. The study found that regular self-care reduced re-hospitalization rates by more than 50%. It is no secret that regular self-care practices that reduce stress have a positive impact on health. In many cases, they can save a life.

  • Self-care practices that reduce stress and anxiety include: yoga, breathing exercises, healthy diet, and outdoor activities. Dark chocolate has polyphenols and methylxanthines, which are chemicals associated with promoting positive emotions that reduce the impact of stress.

    With clinically researched and patented Pharma Gaba®  and L-Theanine, Carefree Chocolate promotes relaxation without leaving you drowsy.

  • Chocolate For Better Sleep- One self-care ritual that is touted as having a wide variety of health benefits is getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night. However, catching good z’s doesn’t come easy to everyone. Self-care for better sleep includes: minimizing screen time an hour before bed, and soothing activities like meditation and stretching. Sleepless nights impact your life in many ways. It creates a lack of focus, irritability along with other physical and emotional issues. These just add to the stress of your day making getting good sleep even more important.

  • Dark chocolate also has sleep benefits. Believe it or not, dark chocolate contains tryptophan, which boosts serotonin and promotes sleep. Botanicals such as chamomile, lavender, and valerian root extract also promote better sleep and are just a few of the powerful botanicals found in Sleepy Chocolate. These botanicals, along with PharmaGaba®, make Sleepy Chocolate the perfect self-care treat before hitting the hay.

  • Chocolate For Better Sex- While it takes two to tango, sex is a self-care ritual that has a positive impact on overall health. WebMD points to a study that found men who regularly had sex were half as likely to die from a heart attack as those who did not. 

  • Chocolate is synonymous with sex. Sexy Chocolate utilizes LibiFem® in addition to other tested botanicals to give your libido a boost. Try two squares to promote intimacy and desire.

  • Chocolate For Menopause- The symptoms of menopause cause a lot of discomfort in women. Self-care routines make menopause manageable. Healthline discussed the importance of self-care with women going through menopause. All expressed the role self-cared played in coping with change. Self-care is particularly necessary at times of physical change. Dark chocolate helps with menopause in the same way it helps PMS with hormone balancing minerals.

  • Hot Chocolate features a combination of botanicals and Estro-G 100® to reduce hot flashes, fatigue, and aches.

    Self-Care Maintenance

    Self-care makes a real impact when it is practiced as a way of life. Taking care of your health through daily routines creates habits that have a positive impact on long-term health. Regular exercise, healthy food, and relaxing activities benefit mental and physical health.

    Dark chocolate can be incorporated into these routines to further benefit health. People often consider chocolate a treat and something that shouldn’t be a regular part of a healthy diet. Functional Chocolate is different.

    It’s vegan chocolate filled with beneficial botanicals to help many different types of problems. We spent years creating the perfect recipes designed to alleviate problems and improve your life.

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