Survive Holiday Stress With Help From Functional Chocolate

As the air grows colder and the days shorter, there is an undeniable excitement in the air about the approaching holiday season. Grocery stores can barely get through Halloween day before they set up cheerful snowmen displays and push every flavor of candy cane known to mankind. However, this sight is not welcome by all.

If you are one of the 39.9 percent of people who find the holidays so stressful you would rather nix it altogether, you are probably searching for ways to make the season more tolerable. 

Before turning to the spiked eggnog for support, read on for the variety of ways functional chocolate can help you overcome holiday hum-bugs. 

Chocolate for Stress and Anxiety

Some shudder at the thought of hearing Mariah Carey on repeat. Others dread watching their sugar-high children pitch a fit in the middle of a crowded store. One thing they all can agree on is nothing drains yuletide cheer like holiday anxiety.  

Fortunately for these Christmas cranks, fortified dark chocolate is here to help. Our mellow mint truffle bar created utilizing herbs, botanicals and clinically researched and patented Pharma Gaba®, & Suntheanine® L-Theanine is a delightful way to curb holiday stress.

Carefree Chocolate soothes anxiety in just a few bites without bringing on drowsiness. . 

Chocolate for Energy

Running the gauntlet of holiday shoppers and bumper to bumper traffic is enough to leave the merriest gift givers drained. Finding the energy to wrap a pile of gifts in paper and bows can feel like a daunting task without a midday pick me up. 

Instead of relying on a high calorie, jitter inducing drink, snack on nutrient rich vegan dark chocolate. We take the guesswork out of trying to decide which energy boosting snack to reach for with Energy Chocolate. Patented *Chocamine® wrapped up in an espresso crunch flavor is the perfect combo to keep you going.

  • Chocamine is a patented cocoa-based ingredient that delivers the best of chocolate—its taste, aroma and health benefits—without the guilt, sugar, fat and dairy, Chocamine® consists of standardized theobromine, amino acids, nutritious minerals, biogenic amines, anandamides and polyphenols. 

Chocolate for Sleep 

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except mom who had visions of to do lists dancing in her head. Busy mornings are more stressful when you are exhausted. And stressing about it the night before won’t do you any favors. Instead of tossing and turning the night before festivities, get a full night’s sleep. 

Just two squares of Sleepy Chocolate before tucking in and your to-do lists will dissolve into sugar plums in no time. One of the magic ingredients in this bar, valerian root extract, was used for centuries to treat problems like insomnia, nervousness, and headaches, Today, valerian is one of the most popular herbal sleep aids in Europe and the United States. 

Chocolate for Low Libido

There’s no better way to put a little pep in your step than kissing under the mistletoe! But holiday stress can leave you feeling less frisky and more grumpy. Don’t let low libido squelch your yule log of love. 

Tribulus Terrestris is found in our sexy chocolat bar and it packs a punch.Research shows that tribulus may improve the sexual experience in women who have sexual dysfunction or low sexual desire. This bar is the perfect addition to a late night celebration. With a little help from Sexy Chocolate, you’ll be singing happy carols in no time.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Whether you are trying to find the perfect stocking stuffer for a partner or friend, Functional Chocolate is the perfect fit. These vegan chocolate goodies are more than tasty. They offer up a variety of clinically tested botanicals that will help ease stress and make the season more enjoyable. 

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to your favorite varieties for that special someone, or as a gift to yourself.

Have a question? Contact us for more about our line of decadent chocolates!