Back to School: Help Teens Stay Focused, Energized, and Rested

Welcome Back to School

Whether it’s time to send your kid off to a local high school or far away college, as young adults make their return to school in the fall, parents want to set their students up for success. Beyond the backpacks, gel pens, and notebooks, there are a number of tools parents can supply their teens with to aid in a successful, healthy and happy school year.

Read on for tools to ease back to school anxiety, boost focus, and alleviate sleep deprivation for teens and young adults. 

Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

According to an article on sleep deprivation in teens by The Child Mind Institute, studies show that between 60 and 70 percent of teens suffer from borderline to severe sleep debt.

Sleep deprivation contributes to a number of issues for young people including lowered focus, energy, and academic performance. Fortunately, there are strategies that help teens maintain a healthy sleep routine.  

Set a time to disconnect

Research by The National Sleep Foundation directly links sleep quality to school performance in teens. A larger contributor to poor sleep quality is linked to the amount of time teens spend on their screens. Encouraging teens to power down their screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime and focus on a more calming activity like reading or journaling helps prepare their brain for sleep.

Bedtime Apps

Setting a bedtime for your teen’s smartphone is a helpful reminder for when it is time for your teen to get off of their screen. Calls, texts, and notifications are silenced during specified times to curb late night bings and phone checks.  

Encourage Exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercise has great health benefits, and one of those benefits is more quality sleep. Studies out of Johns Hopkins Medical suggest that 30 minutes of moderate exercise has a positive impact on sleep within a 24 hour period, and it does not require a longer period of time to see the effects. While exercising right before bed may not be as beneficial, a brief exercise routine during the day has a lasting effect through the night. 

Herbs for Sleep

Soothing herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm can be used in tea sachets to make a sleep inducing drink prior to hitting the hay. Combine these magic herbs with clinically tested PharmaGaba®, magnesium, and melatonin found in Sleepy Chocolate and you have a tasty ticket to dreamland. Two squares before settling down is enough for a sweet treat and sweet dreams. 

Support Anxiety and Stress Management

Teach teens it is ok to say ‘NO’

Young people have a lot on their plates at a stage when they are learning how to set personal boundaries and self-care habits. While we want to see kids reach their fullest potential, it is equally important that they know how to set limits and say ‘no’ when they need to protect their own well being. An article at says 8% of children worldwide struggle with anxiety, and depression is becoming the most prevalent mental health issue among college students. Learning how to balance responsibility and down time is a life skill all young people benefit from. 

Mindfulness Techniques

Practicing mindfulness is a technique that teens can utilize anywhere, anytime. Whether they are in the middle of a big exam, or getting ready to audition for their dream position on a team, simple breathwork exercises help teens focus and curb energy zapping anxiety. Something as simple as focusing on breathing deeply and slowly is a great tool for your teen to have in their coping toolbox.

Chocolate For Anxiety

Chocolate boasts many mental health benefits. Research shows that dark chocolate helps reduce stress.  Carefree Chocolate utilizes a combination of herbs, botanicals and clinically tested Pharma Gaba®, Suntheanine®, and L-Theanine to promote an alert sense of calm that doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy. 

Tools to Support Energy and Focus

When teens feel rested and stress free, they have more capacity to learn and retain information. Supporting their energy and focus throughout the day helps them maximize the time they have to learn.

There are many apps and other tools that can help with productivity. Thunder Reward is a useful app designed to help you understand your learning style, stay focused and reward your productivity.

Brain Breaks

Utilizing brain breaks at home and teaching your teen techniques that do not disrupt the flow of their classroom learning helps them maintain their energy levels throughout the day. According to an article from Edutopia, “concentrated study of...20 to 30 minutes for middle and high school students calls for a three- to five-minute break.” Simple techniques such as stretching, switching location, or getting a drink of water are easy ways to switch focus and keep from disengaging.  


One of the easiest ways for your teen to keep their mind sharp is to stay hydrated. Not only is water essential for your body, but it helps battle afternoon sluggishness. Keeping a cool water bottle on hand with some fresh citrus is the perfect refreshment. 

Steady Supply of Nutrition

Energy sustaining snacks like nut butters and complex carbs like carrot sticks provide your teen with steady fuel to get them through the day. If your teen lives away from home, mail them a supply of Energy Chocolate and Brainy Chocolate for a tasty boost to get them through long study sessions and have a healthy school year.

Finding a routine and products that help your teen have a healthy and productive school year does not have to be a hefty task. Keeping it fun and flexible so that you enjoy the process shows your teen that self-care is sustainable and beneficial.

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