Fall Wellness: Get Cozy With Our Self Care Tips

September is here and along with it comes fall fever. With some helpful self care tips you can boost your wellness routine and get the most out of the fall festivities ahead. From invigorating hikes to a cozy, good night’s sleep, the fall season offers up many opportunities to practice self care. Add soothing botanicals to the mix and boost the soothing effect of your wellness routine.

Feel the Fall Energy

Fall is traditionally seen as a time for reflection and transformation. With shorter days approaching, we are prompted to look inward and reflect. Fall is also a great time for new beginnings and setting our intentions for the future. There are many connections in astrology and throughout world cultures that find significance in this transitional season.

This season also provides a great opportunity to take stock of your wellness routines and spice things up before the colder months ahead.

Wellness Tips For Fall

Focus on sleep- Improving your sleep habits is a great idea during any season, but the crisper nights make it that much nicer to snuggle up and get some z’s. It is a natural response for us to want more sleep when the sunlight is less intense. Our brain is prompted to produce sleep hormones as it gets darker outside.

Eat healthy harvest foods- Not only does fall provide us with yummy fresh food, but these foods are also packed with health benefits. Healthy fall foods include: apples rich in flavonoids, anthocyanin packed cranberries, and a variety of vitamin A dense squashes.

Frolic in the fresh air- As the hot summer air dissipates, so do the pesky insects. Enjoying time outside, sans mosquito bites is a win-win.

Start a journal- Fall is a great time to start keeping a journal. With longer evenings spent indoors, a journal is a great way to reflect and dream.

Bring Balance with botanicals- Who doesn’t want to cozy up with tea and chocolate in the fall? Enjoying a treat while feeling the soothing benefits of health enhancing botanicals is a great self-care ritual to add to your fall schedule.

Botanicals For Fall Wellness

Depending on your desired effect, there are botanicals that can help with a variety of health realities.

If you find yourself feeling extra groggy as the days become shorter, schizandra berry, ginseng, and Maca have been shown to increase energy levels and focus. If the opposite problem is affecting you and you need help achieving a restful night’s sleep, valerian root, chamomile, and lavender may help soothe your mind before bed. Anxiety and stress may be diminished with help from valerian root, passion flower, and lemon balm.

With a consistent wellness routine and an extra boost from botanicals, you can enjoy checking off every item on your fall bucket list with ease of mind and heart.

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