Chocolate Bars for Alert Relaxation and a Healthy Lifestyle

What is Alert Relaxation?

An “alert state of relaxation” is when your mind is clear and focused, and your body is calm. This is the optimal state of being, especially when you are going through tough times.

Even Wikipedia agrees that there are not many drawbacks to relaxation. “Being relaxed can do positive things for someone's health from just elevating your mood to helping with insomnia.  All of these things can help an individual live a happier and healthier life and may increase the longevity of one's life.”

Chocolate Bars for Alert Relaxation

But here’s the thing. You want to be relaxed, but you need to be alert. Being too relaxed causes a loss in productivity. Being too alert causes a jittery feeling or even insomnia.

Some products are formulated to help you be more alert. Others are made to help you be more relaxed. Few are made to support both.

Enter our carefree chocolate bars. They were created for people to enjoy both its flavor and its effects. The chocolate is combined with a naturally derived formulation utilizing specific herbs and botanicals, along with clinically researched and patented Pharma Gaba®, & Suntheanine® L-Theanine. This combination is shown to promote an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness.

Herbs and Botanicals Supporting Alert Relaxation

Most chocolate bars are formulated to give you an energy boost. Our formulation includes a combination of herbs and botanicals that support both focus and relaxation.

English Peppermint Oil – The peppermint plant is a green hybrid plant that was created from the blending of water mint and spearmint. The essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of this plant offers a calming effect while being naturally uplifting with an energizing scent. It can help you stay alert and clear your head. 

Peppermint’s essential oil has been called one of the most versatile oils in the world. It has been shown to promote the wellness of the body, mind, and overall health.  The most active components of peppermint essential oils are known to help reduce pain. These components are also known to invigorate, energize, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Participants exposed to the aroma of peppermint oil experienced enhanced memory, increased alertness, increased processing speeds, and reduced stress and anxiety.

This awesome essential oil is also believed to help stimulate circulation, reduce feelings of nervous tension, soothe feelings of irritability, boost energy, balance hormones, and enhance mental focus. Plus, it tastes great! So, that’s why it goes into our chocolate bars.

Passionflower – The natural components in passionflower (passiflora incarnata) is a climbing vine with purple, blue, pink, red, or white leaves. It is native to the southeastern United States, and Central and South America. The herbal supplement form is composed of the flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant. The extract is used as a flavoring.

The chemicals in passionflower have been shown to have calming, sleep-inducing, and muscle spasm relieving effects. Historically, it has been used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and nervous disorders.

The taste can be described as mild with a floral note. It pairs well with the earthy notes in high-quality chocolate like ours.

Lemon Balm – This herb is part of the mint family. The leaves have a mild, lemony aroma and are often used to make medicine. Lemon balm contains natural chemicals that seem to offer a calming effect. These chemicals may also reduce the growth of some viruses.

There are many benefits of lemon balm that support why we put it in our chocolate bars.  It may help to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Ease insomnia
  • Ease headaches
  • Minimize menstrual cramps

The extract and oil of lemon balm are also used for flavoring. It has a bright, citrusy taste that combines the acidity of lemon with subtle hints of mint. Its subtly sweet flavor is perfect in a chocolate bar.

Chamomile - Chamomile is an herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. As one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind, it has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries to calm anxiety.  One 2016 study found that long-term use of chamomile extracts significantly reduced moderate-to-severe symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

Chamomile contains flavonoids - a type of nutrient present in many plants. They have been clinically studied and there are many other benefits to chamomile that may include:

  • Help with sleep and relaxation
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing menstrual pain
  • Promoting digestive health

The taste offers mild notes of apple with a mellow, honey-like sweetness. Put it in a chocolate bar and make your taste buds happy while you chill out.

Organic Bourbon Ground Vanilla Bean – Vanilla is the most common flavor pairing with chocolate. Many chocolate manufacturers add vanillin, which is an artificial flavor. We use organic vanilla beans, but not just for the taste.

Vanilla has been used as a home remedy since the 17th century for treating anxiety, depression, and other related symptoms.  The extract has a sweet fragrance and distinct, sugary, caramelly, floral flavor.

It mimics the flavor of sugar but has fewer calories and carbohydrates. When we add it to our chocolate bars, it reduces the amount of sugar needed for sweetening.

Benefits to Being Alert & Relaxed

Being in an alert and relaxed state is a healthier and more productive way of living. Learn to understand the way stress is affecting your mind, body, relationships, and health. Then, work on reducing that stress.

Common health issues that are caused or worsened by stress include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased productivity

Benefits of a relaxed and alert lifestyle include:

  • Feeling alive
  • Feeling “lighter”
  • Clear head
  • Better concentration
  • Better memory
  • More confidence
  • Optimistic & positive feelings
  • Increased productivity
  • Normal blood pressure


The quality of your life can be enhanced by living in an alert state of relaxation as much as possible. Find ways to de-stress from the everyday, every day. Grab one of our carefree chocolate bars, take a deep breath, and carry on.