Surprising Flavor Pairings for Dark Chocolate

While dark chocolate's flavor alone excites your taste buds, something magic happens when you pair it with just the right flavor palate. While we are all familiar with more traditional pairings like red wine or strawberries, some shocking flavor combinations are sure to leave any dark chocolate lover’s head spinning.

This article illuminates some of the most surprising and delicious flavors you can pair with dark chocolate. So, live on the edge and try something new with your cravings!

9 Unusual Flavors that Pair Delightfully Well with Dark Chocolate


Equal parts spicy and sweet, ginger is just as versatile a flavor as dark chocolate, and the two pair perfectly. The hint of bitterness in dark chocolate brings out the depth of flavor in ginger without being overwhelming. Plus, ginger has a calming effect on your stomach, making dark chocolate with ginger the perfect after-meal treat.

Black Pepper

Like salt, black pepper is a flavor enhancer. When paired with dark chocolate, black pepper adds an element of spice that brings out the rich flavor of dark chocolate. In some parts of the world, chocolate pepper cookies are highly addictive and rival the more traditional chocolate chip as a favorite cookie.


Cinnamon is another spice that goes amazingly well with dark chocolate. The slightly sweet and woody flavor of cinnamon creates a noticeable impact on dark chocolate’s flavor profile, and it can be used during the baking process or sprinkled on as a garnish.


The ancient Mayans were the first to discover the magic of adding chili pepper to dark chocolate. The two flavors blend to create an intense flavor profile unlike anything else. This unique flavor combination is versatile enough to work well in savory and sweet dishes.


You may enjoy this unusual combination if you are a fan of the salty/sweet combination. Olives and dark chocolate are both known aphrodisiacs that can pair together for the ultimate date night treat.

Cheese (Chevre, Blue, Goat)

While Dark chocolate and cheese are typically paired separately with things like wine, the creaminess of cheese can pair exceptionally well with dark chocolate.

Citrus (lemon, orange)

Tangy citrus flavors pair nicely with the slightly sweet bitterness of dark chocolate. This combination is slightly edgier than traditional pairing, such as berries.

Black tea (chai, Earl Grey)

Black teas like Earl Grey and Chai pair beautifully with chocolate. The natural bergamot essential oil in Earl Grey complements the richness of dark chocolate, and the sweet spiciness in Chai offers something more exotic.


The floral notes in lavender go delightfully well with dark chocolate's rich, earthy flavor. 

Flavor and Function

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