5 Tips To Avoid Travel Anxiety During the Holidays

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or you are new to jetsetting, holiday travel can induce a lot of stress. Luckily, we have 5 handy travel tips to help you avoid travel anxiety this holiday season!

Pack Light

Lost luggage is a huge cause of travel anxiety and stress. Your best bet is to pack light and avoid the headache of lost luggage all together. There are online tutorials to help you pack light the right way. From maximizing your outfit options with layers to rolling your clothing instead of folding it, there are many ways to maximize the space in your travel size bag to accommodate for up to a week of travel.

If you are traveling with gifts, you can mail them ahead of time or buy gifts that don’t take up a ton of space. Functional Chocolate bars make great gifts and they are easy to pack!

Avoid Alcohol

As enticing as it is to start getting into the spirit of the holidays, alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on your travel itinerary. From increased motion sickness to belligerent behavior, there are a lot of ways it can go wrong. Best to stick with liquids that help you stay hydrated like sparkling water or juice.

If you tend to stress during travel, sipping on a merlot is a temporary fix that could lead to more stress later. A couple squares of Carefree Chocolate may have the same relaxing effect without the hangover, which is a win-win.

Bring Snacks

Feeling hangry on top of stress can make your travels miserable for everyone and those little airline boxes are expensive. Pack some snacks in your personal carry on that are light but loaded with nutrients. Pack trail mix made with seeds, nuts, and dried fruit or your own little charcuterie pack in a compartmentalized lunch box. You can even toss in a couple squares of your favorite Functional Chocolate as a treat.

Go With The Flow

Travel anxiety symptoms are no joke. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid stress when you travel.

While there are many different triggers and they vary from person to person, you can greatly ease your anxiety with a little extra preparation. Read up on what other travelers are doing to curb stress and see what fits you. Make sure you have access to essential items such as medication, cards, and money directly on you at all times and know that you can navigate your way through any hiccups that arise.

Nibble on a few squares of Carefree before your flight and pack some with you to help keep your mood level. Go with the flow and take it on one thing at a time.

Make Sure You Are Rested

The most proactive way to reduce flight anxiety and stress is to get enough rest before you go. Getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours for an adult helps you fight off stress before you have even left the house. Make sure you are packed a day ahead and print your boarding pass so that you can get to bed and wake up with peace of mind in the morning.

Nibbling on some Sleepy Chocolate can help you ease into sleep better so you feel more rested in the morning.

Order the Trusty Traveler 6 Pack (which includes 2 Sleepy Chocolates, 2 Carefree Chocolates, and 2 Energy Chocolates) and travel worry free this season!