Jump Into Pain Awareness Month With These Pain Relief Tips
Sep 25, 2023
Let's face it. No one enjoys being in pain, but we all experience it at one point or another. From occasional aches and pains to more problematic chronic symptoms, pain can put a damper on enjoying our day-to-day lives.
The Functional Chocolate Company Shares Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
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This article takes some of our most frequently asked questions about how to use functional chocolate and breaks them down for you.  
Ways Dark Chocolate Can Help with Pain - Blog By The Functional Chocolate Company
Jun 08, 2023
Dark chocolate is an antioxidant-packed food source that is known by many for its mood-enhancing properties, but did you know it is also associated with pain relief?
3 Ways Dark Chocolate Benefits Your Skin
May 11, 2023
Unlike its more caloric counterparts, white and milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains various health-boosting components. Many of which may promote healthier skin and hair. 
The Functional Chocolate Company Shares Tips for Spring Health & Wellness
Apr 12, 2023
The time for barbecues and outdoor fun is almost here, and we’re ready! After long winter months, rife with their own health issues, you are probably excited for the warm months too. But, you may not be as enthusiastic about some of these common health issues associated with the warmer outside temps. 
Dark Chocolate for Mental Health - The Functional Chocolate Company
Apr 03, 2023
In this article, we focus on some of the surprising ways dark chocolate may be good for your mental health.